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Deep oscillation and Bodyflow drainage techniques foster recovery after training

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Promising results of deep oscillation for lymphoedema and lipoedema

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Deep oscillation improves functionality for epicondylitis

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The versatile four-channel stimulation current unit with medium-frequency currents and TENS




Stimulation current:

• 4 independent channels with provision for setting individual intensities
• 4 independent timers
• Automatic current switch-off (separately for all channels)

Medium-frequency currents:

• IF (classic interferential current)
• AMF (bipolar medium-frequency current)
• KOTS (Russian stimulation)

Low-frequency currents:



• LCD Comfort Display (illuminated blue) for good visibility
• Easy one-button operation
• Extensive indications-index with treatment proposals
• 25 individual program memories
• Potpourris (current sequence)