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IONOSON-DO-Evident available

The new flagship of the Evident line is available as of now. Besides the perfected operator...» read on


DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident revised

Externally well-tried, internally thoroughly improved: the DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident comes as of...» read on


MLDuk The Journal feature article on Deep Oscillation

The British association of manual lymphatic drainage practitioners (MLDuk) in its latest issue...» read on


DEEP OSCILLATION® used successfully for children with Lymphoedema

A touching example of the successful use of DEEP OSCILLATION® is the treatment of 3-year-old Lincoln from England who was born with Lymphoedema. In a period of slightly more than four months the circumference of his feet was reduced by one and a half centimeters. This finally enabled Lincoln, to move from orthotic custom-made boots to shop bought trainers. The success story has been shared worldwide in various chats, including a group of children with Lymphoedema. 

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