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Dr. Vodder School

To support manual lymph therapy, the Dr. Vodder School successfully relies on the patented DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy principle.

Dr. Vodder School - Manual Lymph Drainage

The "manual lymph drainage" massage method was developed by the Dane Dr. Emil Vodder. After being trained comprehensively by him personally, Günther and Hildegard Wittlinger founded the Dr. Vodder School in Walchsee (Austria) in 1971.

Training partners for 40 years

Many years of successful training and treatment in Walchsee have passed, the technology has been refined and scientific advances have been integrated. For the Dr. Vodder School, in times of change the challenge arose to improve the quality of the training even more and document its pioneering role in manual lymph drainage. Ongoing development of the curriculum, the use of trainers who have been established for years, a course length oriented to the training objective, concentrated medical teaching and the introduction of patients ensure the highest level of professional training in MLD/CDT which is recognised both at home and abroad. The logo of the Dr. Vodder school is trademarked throughout Europe and stands for the quality assurance of this comprehensive and tested advanced training.

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Andreas Wittlinger with DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident CLINICS