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Spine therapy systems


Isometric testing, training and treatment of the stabilising trunk muscles to harmonise imbalances and strengthen the deep muscles.

85 % of all dorsal complaints are caused by neuromuscular imbalances. However, in order to treat these effectively, it must be possible to diagnose them precisely and determine the degree of imbalance. The testing, training and treatment modules by BFMC make this possible.

In a unique manner, BFMC for the first time enables physicians, sports scientists and therapists to eliminate imbalances by application of optimal loads as quickly as possible. Here in particular the central nervous system, which activates and controls the supporting and stabilising trunk muscles, plays a crucial role. Unilateral loading, trauma or a sedentary lifestyle can cause the central nervous system to unlearn correct control of the local, deep (autochthonous) muscles, which in turn can lead to poor posture, increased risk of injury and back pain.

Isometric training with BFMC modules poses an extremely low risk of injury and supports patients already in the early stages of rehabilitation by providing optimal training. The effect of the isometric neuromuscular contraction forms on the central nervous system is great, as the latter is given sufficient time for optimal activation of the muscle groups during the loading. The interaction of the deep (stabiliser) and superficial (mobiliser) muscle groups is optimised, and the entire pelvic trunk area stabilised biomechanically.

All modules are computerised and provide real-time monitoring, precise evaluation and reproducibility of the training and testing parameters, predestining BFMC modules specifically for use in research.