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User-friendly, clinically tested device concept for effective psoriasis therapy




Therapy with PSORIAMED® is based on stimulation current, using interference current (IFC) that meets the requirements of an effective and easy-to-operate psoriasis therapy. Depending on the location of the psoriasis affection, therapy can be performed under water or using special electrodes. Predefined programs enable you to select the therapy parameters quickly and secure and provide additional treatment information (incl. images of the application technique).

These programs prevent malfunctions or wrong dosage by limiting the maximum current output (depending on the type of application). The device concept is suitable for use in hospitals and for home care.


  • High-quality display (blue) for excellent overview
  • Easy one-button-operation
  • Battery operation for maximum operation safety and trouble-free use outside of therapy rooms
  • Indication index with treatment proposals for all relevant applications
  • Footswitch to adjust the intensity, with therapy interruption function (for treatment under water)
  • Special electrodes for treatment of psoriasis affections at torso, arm and head
  • Automatic switch-off of output current when the electrode falls off, automatic switching between CV and CC (depending on therapy program)


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