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DEEP OSCILLATION® Workshop at Walchsee

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Delegation visits Cuba, Dr. Jens Reinhold, PHYSIOMED accompanies Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel

Germany currently ranks just 10th on Cuba's list of importer countries. This is amazing, given the...» read on


Practical example of spasticity treatment with electric currents

In the mid 1960s in their book ‘Niederfrequente Ströme zur Diagnostik und Therapie’ [Low-frequency...» read on


MAG-Expert com conjunto de aplicadores
MAG-Expert com bobine (Ø 30 cm)
MAG-Expert com bobine (Ø 60 cm) e marquesa de tratamento

Através dos aparelhos de magnetoterapia podem ser aplicados campos magnéticos pulsáteis com várias frequências e intensidades. Podem ser utilizadas bobines e aplicadores de vários tamanhos.