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DEEP OSCILLATION® used successfully for children with Lymphoedema

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Treatment with deep oscillation after Mamma-CA

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Deep oscillation mentioned in physiotherapy reference book

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The high-end shortwave therapy unit




  • Operating frequency: 27,12 MHz; pulse frequency 10-300 Hz; pulse duration:
    200-600 µs
  • Induction field technique and condensor field technique
  • Pulsed and continuous energy output
  • HF power: 400 W (continuous mode)/1000 W (pulsed mode), infinitely variable
  • Matching- and effective power output indication for steady development of heat and to prevent overdosage

  • LCD Comfort Display for good visibility
  • Easy one-button operation
  • Extensive indications-index with treatment proposals
  • Individual program memories
  • Easily adjustable supporting arms for exact electrode placement
  • Smooth running castors for good mobility