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Study compares leg maximum force in open and closed kinetic chain

The functional state of the leg muscles is not only relevant for performance in sports, but is also of great importance in prevention and...

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Deep oscillation improves regeneration after exercise

For almost 30 years, deep oscillation (also known as DEEP OSCILLATION® or HIVAMAT®) has been used in sport to promote regeneration after intensive...

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NEW: PHYSIOMED launches the Expert-Line 3rd edition

The new combination device IONOSON-Expert and the vacuum application device PHYSIOVAC-Expert 3rd edition are now available. The main focus in the...

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Deep Oscillation in Mastopathy

Mastopathy (Fibrocystic Breast Disease) is understood as a proliferative or degenerative remodeling process of the mammary gland parenchyma, which is...

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Official partner of the basketball team ALBA BERLIN

As an official partner, PHYSIOMED provides the Alba Berlin team of therapists with high-quality therapy devices for shock wave, electro-, ultrasound and laser therapy.

In addition, PHYSIOMED's unique therapy form deep oscillation accelerates the regeneration of their players. The team also works with the isokinetic test, training and therapy system CON-TREX® MJ.

  • All from a single source

    At PHYSIOMED, development, manufacture, quality testing and shipping of our innovative technologies for physical therapy come from a single source. From the beginning, PHYSIOMED has also been active internationally through numerous representations, offering quality Made in Germany.

  • User-friendliness

    Our versatile device technology is intuitive and user-friendly. Examples of this include our unique “one-button operation” or safety functions that far exceed the legally required standards.

  • Network

    PHYSIOMED is a member of the Electromedical Engineering Association of ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V.), Forum MedTech Pharma, GHE (German Healthcare Export Group), and the Initiative of the Regional Council of the Nürnberger Land, with stakeholders in the district concerning all aspects related to health.

  • Quality management

    PHYSIOMED has established and maintains a quality management system for medical devices (design, development, production, installation and maintenance) according to EN ISO 13485. All PHYSIOMED products comply with the latest safety standards and the regulations of the German Medical Devices Act, are manufactured according to current standards of quality assurance, and bear the official CE mark according to Directive 93/42/EEC.

  • Protection of the environment

    Energy savings and environmental compatibility in the production process are a major concern for us. With its maximum output of 42 kW, our photovoltaic system completely covers the company’s energy demands. In addition, we ensure that all the materials used for production can be recycled. Moreover, we use environmentally sound cardboard closures with an exemplary ecological balance for all packages.

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