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  • Out now: Paper of the Month #07


    Isokinetic testing serves as a principal outcome measure for a new surgical intervention.

    Get the full commentary of Prof. Zeevi Dvir here.

  • Out now: Paper of the Month #06

    Multiple-joint isokinetic dynamometry receives a fresh look which includes a new classification system, critical examination of its main input parameters and a summary of findings derived from 40 studies.

    Get the full commentary of Prof. Zeevi Dvir here.

  • New generation of deep oscillation devices - available as of now!

    The proven DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal product line for mobile use or continuation of treatment at home - now with improved workflow, bright color display, powerful lithium-ion battery and available in two versions:

    DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Basic
    DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Pro

  • NEW: PHYSIODYN-Expert 3rd edition

    The professional electrotherapy and electrodiagnostic device PHYSIODYN-Expert 3rd edition for clinics, rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy practices is now available.

    The new device with its simple, perfected user guidance convinces with numerous highlight features. In addition, the new PHYSIOMED App allows treatment protocols to be created, archived and easily processed for the patient database.

    Detailed information is available here.

  • Out now: Paper of the Month #05

    Certain parameters that have been used for a long time in quantifying induced isokinetic fatigue were put to test and challenged in this Belgian-French collaborative study. 

    Get the full commentary of Prof. Zeevi Dvir here.

  • New study on deep oscillation

    In a randomized study Winkelmann et al investigated the effectiveness of deep oscillation in contracted ischiocrural musculature and came to the conclusion that the therapy is an effective measure for the treatment.
    More information

  • Out now: Paper of the Month #04

    A large scale Swiss study of post recovery of quadriceps and hamstrings strength following ACL reconstruction, indicates that overall, a patellar tendon autograft is a better option than its hamstring counterpart. Get the full commentary of Prof. Zeevi Dvir here.

  • Out now: Paper of the Month #03

    Using isokinetic testing for assessing thigh muscle function following ACL reconstruction or in patients with chronic ACL insufficiency occupies an important niche in the scientific-clinical literature. The latest Papers of the Month (PoM) add new and valuable information regarding this disorder but at the same time testify to an acute need for protocol standardization and data interpretation. Get the full commentary of Prof. Zeevi Dvir here.

  • Deep oscillation improves regeneration after exercise

    For almost 30 years, deep oscillation (also known as DEEP OSCILLATION® or HIVAMAT®) has been used in sport to promote regeneration after intensive training and competition. Now there is the first empirical proof from the Institute of Medical Physics (IMP) at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.

    Read more on the topic...

Latest news

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KJK Management GmbH invests in PHYSIOMED

KJK Management und Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH (Berlin) has become a major shareholder in PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG, a leading global manufacturer...

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International Service Training by PHYSIOMED

Many thanks to all participants from 15 countries for their attendance in the International Service Training by PHYSIOMED

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PHYSIOMED at the ISPRM 2019 in Japan

13th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine World Congress (ISPRM 2019)


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Paper of the Month #7: Davids JR et al

Isokinetic testing serves as a principal outcome measure for a new surgical intervention.

Prof. Dvir's Commentary:

I have chosen this paper as PoM #7...

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Official partner of the basketball team ALBA BERLIN

As an official partner, PHYSIOMED provides the Alba Berlin team of therapists with high-quality therapy devices for shock wave, electro-, ultrasound and laser therapy.

In addition, PHYSIOMED's unique therapy form deep oscillation accelerates the regeneration of their players. The team also works with the isokinetic test, training and therapy system CON-TREX® MJ.

  • All from a single source

    At PHYSIOMED, development, manufacture, quality testing and shipping of our innovative technologies for physical therapy come from a single source. From the beginning, PHYSIOMED has also been active internationally through numerous representations, offering quality Made in Germany.

  • User-friendliness

    Our versatile device technology is intuitive and user-friendly. Examples of this include our unique “one-button operation” or safety functions that far exceed the legally required standards.

  • Network

    PHYSIOMED is a member of the Electromedical Engineering Association of ZVEI (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V.), Forum MedTech Pharma, GHE (German Healthcare Export Group), and the Initiative of the Regional Council of the Nürnberger Land, with stakeholders in the district concerning all aspects related to health.

  • Quality management

    PHYSIOMED has established and maintains a quality management system for medical devices (design, development, production, installation and maintenance) according to EN ISO 13485. All PHYSIOMED products comply with the latest safety standards and the regulations of the German Medical Devices Act, are manufactured according to current standards of quality assurance, and bear the official CE mark according to Directive 93/42/EEC.

  • Protection of the environment

    Energy savings and environmental compatibility in the production process are a major concern for us. With its maximum output of 42 kW, our photovoltaic system completely covers the company’s energy demands. In addition, we ensure that all the materials used for production can be recycled. Moreover, we use environmentally sound cardboard closures with an exemplary ecological balance for all packages.

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