Deep oscillation accelerates regeneration after exercise

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In a randomized controlled study (n = 80), a Polish research group (Zebrowska et al., 2017) investigated the effects of physical therapies on muscular regeneration in martial arts athletes after exercise in four groups (manual lymphatic drainage [MLD], deep oscillation [DO], bodyflow [BF] and control group). The maximal strength (muscle fatigue test Fmax of the forearm muscles) was significantly higher at all measurement points (20 min, 24 and 48 hours after post-ex-test) in the groups MLD, DO or BF) than in the control group. MLD, DO and BF also reduced lactate (blood) and muscle hardness significantly compared to the control group.
The authors conclude that MLD techniques (MLD, DO, BF) significantly improve the recovery of the forearm muscles in martial arts athletes after exercise and that the different methods are important elements for optimizing training effects and reducing the risk of injury (Zerebrowska et al (2017): Effect of Physical Methods of Lymphatic Drainage on Postexercise Recovery of Mixed Martial Arts Athletes., Clin J Sport Med 0: 1-8.). The summary can be found here.

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