Electrode-free electrotherapy in CIPN

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Electrode-free electrotherapy is also being discussed in the United Kingdom with increasing frequency. The current issue of the MLDUK Journal reports detailed on the effects of MAGCELL® MICROCIRC in chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy (CIPN).
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A double-blind placebo-controlled Phase III study (Rick et al. 2016) underpins results of a preceding Phase II study (Geiger et al. 2015): MAGCELL® MICROCIRC relieves symptoms of sensory neurotoxicities on hands and feet induced by chemotherapy. A significant improvement compared to the placebo group was shown for the primary clinical end point - nerve conduction velocity of the peroneal nerve in the treatment group at study end (T3). The same applies in respect of the subjectively perceived neurotoxicity strength (CTCAE-Score, one of the other secondary clinical end points). The new finding of the authors is the fact that so far MAGCELL® MICROCIRC is the only non-pharmacological intervention of significant benefit to patients. Read the entire study here.


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