Deep oscillation improves regeneration after exercise

Deep oscillation treatment in competitive sports at ALBA BERLIN
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For almost 30 years, deep oscillation (also known as DEEP OSCILLATION® or HIVAMAT®) has been used in sport to promote regeneration after intensive training and competition. Now there is the first empirical proof from Erlangen. Dr. Simon von Stengel and his team investigated the maximum isokinetic flexion and extension strength of the leg muscles of soccer players (measured with the isokinetic test, training and therapy system CON-TREX® LP), the evaluation of the perceived effort and the creatine kinase serum level. In addition to a positive trend concerning the latter parameter, the study showed a statistically significant difference in favour of the deep oscillation group for the parameters isokinetic maximum force and perceived rate of exertion (according to the Borg scale).

The results were presented for the first time at the "Football Medicine Outcomes" conference in Barcelona at the beginning of June.

Deep Oscillation Improves Recovery after Fatiguing Soccer Training
von Stengel, S.; Weissenfels, A.; Teschler, M.; Willert, S.; Kemmler, W

More information about the devices and deep oscillation can be found here: 

See here how physiotherapist Henrik Lange of the basketball club ALBA BERLIN treats his players with deep oscillation.

The complete study can be found here.


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