COBS platform double

The COBS platform double offers all possibilities for measuring, attractive training and progress monitoring

Highlight features of COBS platform double

Product description

COBS platform double is an innovative multifunctional double measuring platform. The platform does not require predefined positioning and its applications therefore respond to a wide range of requirements. It can even be used to measure and practise several balance functions. The load exerted by each leg is displayed visually on a PC monitor. Starting from different positions manifold movement functions (ADL functions) can be measured, e.g. sitting, climbing stairs or jumping. This way the functional status quo and impairments of the lower extremities and entire body can be measured and recorded. The initial patient protocol serves as a starting basis for subsequent training.
Patients with impaired equilibrium will distribute their weight unevenly which becomes visible on the monitor. Coordination as well as joint instability, e.g. in traumatology, is measured by shifting weight from left to right or from toes to heels. The patient can observe and control the measurements on the monitor. The direct feedback is a motivating means for success in therapy and helps to increase the patient´s self confidence in everyday life.


  • Entire body measurement
  • Effective and objective result monitoring
  • Direct real time feedback
  • Motivating attractive training options
  • Double measuring platform
  • Strength in Newton
  • Visual function display and selection on PC monitor

COBS software

Versatile software possibilities allow for attractive customized balance, coordination, strength, reaction and anticipation training programmes. All parameters utilized during measurement and training can be stored and retrieved for later comparison. This allows for an effective and objective monitoring of the patient´s clinical progress or the sportsman´s training progress.

Therapy information

Many patients do not have sufficient perception of their own movement (proprioception) to such an extent that they require external feedback. Similarly, athletes often depend on external feedback to improve their coordinative skills. The COBS Feedback device provides the patient with the realtime feedback they need in simple graphic and/or acoustic form.

On the basis of effective therapy or training planning and control, it provides accurate feedback of a person’s motor skills, abilities and/or motor impairments. The measuring functions of COBS Feedback provide a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the following skills:

  • Symmetry of movements
  • Capability of load
  • Strength
  • Jumping power
  • Coordination
  • Reaction
  • Anticipation
  • Cognitive functions
  • Equilibrium in frontal and sagittal plane

The preceding measuring findings give exact information about the deficient skills which require improvement by training. The COBS training software provides countless possibilities for customized and efficient training. Exercise options under ADL conditions ensure easy transfer of improved skills to everyday life.

Measuring results and training data are automatically saved by COBS. They represent an objective possibility for progress monitoring and quality control in training and rehabilitation as well as for long-term patient motivation.

Thanks to it´s versatile measuring possibilities and attractive training sofware, the COBS Feedback is well suited for the following indications:

In neurology the COBS Feedback offers matchless assessment and training possibilities for neuromuscular (re)learning in stroke rehabilitation, infant cerebral paralysis and peripheral paresis as well as in Parkinson´s disease. Some exercises can therefore also be carried out in a sitting position (e.g. with chair).

In orthopaedic rehabilitation the COBS Feedback is applied after endoprosthetic surgery, in back pain and in traumatology. It helps to regain joint stability and coordination for appropriate and equal load excertion, improved balance and prophylaxis against fall.

COBS Feedback can be applied efficiently for correction of kids skeleton problems such as e.g. skolioses and spine position problems caused by physical inactivity or accelerated growth.

The COBS Feedback offers a wide range of possibilities for dynamic coordination, strength and balance training, including jumping power. With the optional goniometer set coordination can be efficiently combined with cognitive speed, anticipation and reaction training.

In fitness training the COBS Feedback can be used for the assessment of physical deficiencies and specific improvement of various  fitness skills, including coordination, balance and strength. For fitness customers it represents extremely attractive and motivating exercise options, for fitness institution an interesting means for diversification.


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