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Effective laser therapy with laser pen for mobile use

Highlight features of LASP-Expert

Product description

The therapeutic laser pen LASP-Expert allows for comfortable treatment of pain, trigger and acupuncture points. For therapy continuous output, multi, alpha, Bahr, Reininger and Nogier frequencies as well as freely programmable frequencies are available (software extension optionally available). LASP-Expert  features a 500 mW infrared diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm, which is scientifi cally proven to provide the best values of penetration depth and biostimulation effi ciency. Its battery operation enables easy, mobile use of treatment.


  • Wavelength of 808 nm with 500 mW – best value for penetration depth and biostimulation
  • Continuous output, multi-, alpha, Bahr, Reininger and Nogier frequencies
  • Fastest therapy start
  • With battery and metal case for mobile use

Optionally optical waveguides

Optionally optical waveguides are available as autoclavable attachments for the laser pen for treatments in the fi elds of dentistry and ENT

Therapy information

Laser therapy has been applied in various therapy fields for more than 40 years. In contrast to hard lasers used in surgery (30 W and more), laser therapists work with the athermal therapeutic low level laser (less than 500 mW). As for physical therapy, the infrared diode laser is nowadays the common means of treatment. This laser excels any other type of laser in penetration depth, bio-stimulative effect and handling. The assignment of laser therapy to light therapy is based on its various complex photo-biological effects. A summary of these effects is listed below:

  • enhanced cellular energy balance
  • antiphlogistic effect
  • antiedematous effect
  • microcirculatory effect
  • tissue reparative effect
  • analgetic effect

According to indication, you can choose between two forms of application: Tender points, trigger points, paraspinal points, etc. demand laser application on a very small area (less than 1cm²), which is ideally carried out with the ultra-precise laser pen.

Even in cases of soft application, i.e. laser puncture, which, like needle acupuncture, makes use of the interrelation between skin and inner organs, the laser pen has become the means of choice.

For the treatment of larger areas, in cases like traumata, joint inflammations or dermatologic indications, it is recommended to use the laser shower, which can be moved over/along the treatment area if necessary.

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