PHYSIO Comfort 600

Recumbent ergometer

Highlight features of PHYSIO Comfort 600

Product description

The PHYSIO Comfort 600 bicycle ergometer with fixed backrest is an ideal training device for obese patients and those with seating restrictions.


  • Continuously adjustable seat position
  • Grid-independent use

Therapy information

Both in clinical and in therapeutic use, the products are used for warming up as well as for the cardiovascular training of the patients.

Grid-independent operation avoids tripping over cables and allows completely flexible installation of the devices. The accuracy of the hybrid brake system regulates the power range in both the low and high range in a speed-dependent and -independent manner. The clearly laid out, large and user-friendly display works with multi-colour background lighting and comprises a coded pulse receiver. Various packages allow a variety of options with extended therapy and testing possibilities. The steel frame offers high stability and structural safety in order to tolerate user weights of up to 150 kg, optionally up to 250 kg, as a certified product. The products developed in Germany and manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 20957-1 SA, DIN EN ISO 20957-5 SA, DIN EN 60601-1, DIN EN 60601-1-2 meet the standards according of Directive 93/42/EEC.

Product combinations

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