Treadmill for medical use

Product description

The medically approved and low-maintenance treadmill PHYSIORUN Trainer is particularly well suited for walking and running training with patients. The stable frame, the proven drive technology and the customer-specific configurability offer patients and therapists a high degree of ergonomics and safety combined with excellent functionality.

robowalk® option

The novel active therapy method of expander technology upgrades the treadmill PHYSIORUN to a locomotion system. By means of elastic expander cables and foot cuffs, the patient’s gait is corrected, assisted and additionally trained. By adjusting the tension angle of the tensile load / resistance load, either vertically or horizontally, various load settings as well as movement corrections are possible. The system solution comprises the treadmill PHYSIORUN Trainer, the robowalk® systems at the front and the rear, the safety bar with fall arrest cable and optionally armrests with three joints.

Product combinations

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