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Rowing/chest press

Combination training of shoulder, thoracic and pectoral muscles

Highlight features of Rowing/chest press

Product description

The combination device for rowing and chest press is a spacesaving product for implementing a functional movement for strengthening the back, shoulder and chest muscles. The intelligent solution of the rotating mechanism of the back and breast cushion helps the patient to stabilise optimally.


  • For strengthening of the back, shoulder and chest muscles
  • Seat height continuously adjustable by means of gas spring
  • Breast cushion not adjustable, becomes backrest after turning
  • Starting position of the lever selectable with 3 locking positions
  • 2 horizontal and one vertical handle position

Therapy information

Neuromuscular training is a crucial part of medical training therapy and medical rehabilitation training. In addition to physiotherapy and physical therapy, strength training with weightassisted devices is a form of therapy that serves to give individuals the necessary co-ordination and neuromuscular function to optimally reintegrate themselves into work, everyday life and sports.

With the PHYSIOMED Strength Line, a range of strength training devices has been developed in Germany that convinces with its appealing design and space-saving architecture. The systems are simple, flexible and cost-effective. The Strength Line can be upgraded with a monitor to simplify the training, to motivate the patient and to optimize quality assurance of a therapy course. As a medical device of class I according to Directive 93/42/ EEC, the PHYSIOMED Strength Line is an essential supplement for training therapy.

Product combinations

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