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Trunk extension/flexion

Combination training of trunk and back muscles

Highlight features of Trunk extension/flexion

Product description

The combination device for trunk flexion and extension strengthens the straight and oblique muscles of the back and abdomen in the sitting position. By adjusting the backrest cushion in two planes, the product can be optimally adapted to the patient’s anthropometry.


  • For strengthening of the straight and oblique upper abdominal and dorsal muscles
  • 2-axle adjustment of the seat position for optimal biomechanics
  • Movement amplitude of the lever arm adjustable by means of locking bolts
  • Continuously adjustable training arm
  • Easy lockable start position adjustment and leg fixation

Therapy information

Neuromuscular training is a crucial part of medical training therapy and medical rehabilitation training. In addition to physiotherapy and physical therapy, strength training with weightassisted devices is a form of therapy that serves to give individuals the necessary co-ordination and neuromuscular function to optimally reintegrate themselves into work, everyday life and sports.

With the PHYSIOMED Strength Line, a range of strength training devices has been developed in Germany that convinces with its appealing design and space-saving architecture. The systems are simple, flexible and cost-effective. The Strength Line can be upgraded with a monitor to simplify the training, to motivate the patient and to optimize quality assurance of a therapy course. As a medical device of class I according to Directive 93/42/ EEC, the PHYSIOMED Strength Line is an essential supplement for training therapy.

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