Trunk lift machine

Body weight training for the trunk and back muscles

Highlight features of Trunk lift machine

Product description

The trunk lifter is optimally suited for strengthening of the dorsal muscles. Especially in combination with a rowing machine or small appliances (dumbbells, balls, etc.), demanding exercises can be implemented.


  • For strengthening of the dorsal muscles
  • Angle adjustment by foot release
  • Height-adjustable padding
  • Inclination adjustment from 45 ° to 75 °

Therapy information

Functional training is an important part within the medical training therapy (MTT) to simulate simple as well as complex exercise patterns for activities of daily living and work related movements.

With PHYSIOMED´s Functional Training Line, a range of strength training devices has been developed in Germany that convinces with its functionality and excellent technical solutions. The systems are smooth in function, well designed and offer a variety of motion patterns. As a medical device of class I according to Directive 93/42/ EEC, the Functional Training Line is an essential supplement for training therapy.

Product combinations

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